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Our clients and their referrals are a top priority with us.  We do our best to make sure that everyone is happy with the service that we provide, so much so that they can't help but tell their friends about us!  There are many places online where we receive reviews but the top three are: Yelp, Zillow and Google.  Below you will find some reviews but if you want to read them all follow the links above! 

5 out of 5 stars - based on 24 reviews.

★★★★★ December 8, 2014
David Feldberg is an amazing Real Estate agent! He answered all of our questions promptly and was there for us every step of the way. He found a perfect home that fit all of our needs and we will highly recommend his services to all of our friends. Thank you! -Shaun P
- Shaun P
★★★★★ October 2014
We needed a Real Estate agent to list our home, but we had no knowledge how to find a great agent. A neighbor who is friend of Dave Feldberg told us "you have to use Dave!" After a short sales presentation meeting with Dave we knew we had found our guy. Dave showed us how he would market our home. It was thorough, beautiful, media detailed, and we were pumped! He guided us through the whole sales process. His responsibilities and ours as well. He showed us how to "present our house" in the best possible way. His knowledge of the whole sales process, price negotiation, offers/counter offers is amazing. We were in constant communication with Dave, morning and night. We sold our house within weeks! And even through the escrow process Dave was always very hands on. We are just so happy at Dave's performance as our agent. A month ago Dave became our agent. Soon Dave became our friend! Bud B
- Bud B
★★★★★ January 17, 2014
My experience with Dave as a realtor predates the Coastal Real Estate Group but Dave helped us buy our first home too and was awesome. Very helpful, held our hands through the whole process, took us to more houses than I can count to help appease my hard to please wife. Plus as the years have gone by, Dave has also been able to provide advice on mortgage issues that have arisen since the original purchase. Next time we sell/buy you can bet I'll be giving Dave a call again.
- Josh S.
- Josh S
★★★★★ June 11, 2014
What crazy & wild ride we had and David was by our side the whole time! My wife and I purchased our first home and closed on Dec 31st 2013. During our process we visited countless homes and made a few offers creating a true journey through the Huntington Beach & Costa Mesa province. David was there the whole way showing up with short notice and getting comparable pricing in the local neighborhood so we could make a better decision for the purchase of our home. Although he is not superman he could be a close second to the Great American Hero! Well informed and easy to communicate with; I would recommend David to friends and family for sure. After we closed on our home we began to receive a monthly subscription to David's friendly neighborhood publication. My wife uses the recipes when she makes dinner in her new kitchen. Thanks David keep up the good work!
- Ryan B.
- Ryan B
★★★★★ May 8, 2012
Moving is stressful. There's no way around it. The experience I had with David as my broker made the process as smooth and hassle free as I could have hoped for. Initially, he listened to my concerns and the misguided but good intentioned advice from friends and neighbors about what price I should expect. Then he told me the truth. Based on his familiarity with the area and comps, it turned out he was absolutely right. He kept in touch, not only with me but with the broker for the condo I purchased. Everything was handled with professionalism and courtesy. It was the easiest moving experience (outside of the packing) I have ever had. I would recommend him to anybody looking for a hardworking professional that shows up on time, calls when he says he will, and ties up all the loose ends without my asking. Thanks David. Elyse F
- Elyse F
★★★★★ September 22, 2014
David did a great job helping us buy our first house. We really appreciated that he has a laid-back, no-pressure attitude in helping us look at places. He was always on top of appointments and was organized and knowledgeable about the area. When we were ready to buy, he helped make us competitive in our bid and we were able to buy the first house we made an offer on! We would absolutely recommend him to anyone. Jennifer O
- Jennifer O
★★★★★ August 16, 2014
David was the best negotiator (much better then william shatner) when it came to selling my house. His skill was evident with the buying agent when dealing with the inspection reports, etc. I could not have been more pleased and have already recommended him to my Family and Friends. The chocolate chip cookies his wife made for the open house were also really good... Bob L
- Bob L.
★★★★★ January 12, 2014
Dave helped us buy our first home this year and we wouldn't have been able to do it without him. He made the entire process much easier on us than it should have been. Dave is extremely responsive, a great negotiator, and real knowledgable about the OC real estate market. In mid 2013 he got us our home for lower than the listing price which was unheard of during that time. I've referred several friends to Coastal Real Estate Group and wouldn't hesitate to use him for my next home purchase.
- Jonathan S.
- Jonathan S
★★★★★ September 16, 2014
An amazing Realtor, a pleasure to work with! Always smooth transactions and I can tell you care for your clients. Thanks!. Eitan S
- Eitan S
★★★★★ May 7, 2012
David is a great realtor. He helped us buy our first home. It was a short sale and was quite a process but David kept in regular touch with the banks and seller's agent and helped us complete the process. Very happy in our house. David is also very patient which is a great trait considering my wife and I ran him ragged on many of days looking at numerous properties, sometimes multiple times. I would and have recommended David to other friends looking for a realtor. Steve E
- Steve E
★★★★★ September 20, 2014
After being referred to another real estate agency, we were getting frustrated by the lack of service and decided to attend open houses on our own in the Huntington Beach area. We met David at one of these open houses, and he took the time to get to know us and our needs and wants without the expectation of being our realtor. We contacted him a few days later, and set up several home tours with him for the next day. With less than 24 hours notice, he showed up early and had prepared an informational booklet about the homes we would be seeing. Although the offer on our first choice home was ultimately rejected, David made sure we got the best deal on the home we purchased, and walked us through all of the ins and outs of buying an older home in Huntington Beach. We really appreciated his knowledge of the area and willingness to go above and beyond for us. We have already recommended him to others we know who are relocating to the area. Darcy K
- Darcy K
★★★★★ August 2013
We were linked to David randomly through the MLS website while looking for a new home. We were living in Woodland Hills and wanted to move to Huntington Beach. If you have recently looked for a home in Huntington Beach then you know how difficult it is. David met up with us every Saturday and Sunday from the middle of January through the middle of March. He was even patient with us as we changed our minds from buying to renting when the frustration started getting to us. We finally decided to rent in Huntington Beach so we could be local and wait for more listings to show up. David met with us and helped us with meeting up with the property manager.We would highly recommend David as he tailored the listing to our specific needs no matter how many times we changed our minds. We will absolutely work with him in the next year when we look to buy in Huntington Beach. Shawn M
- Shawn M
★★★★★ May 2, 2014
I didn't know any realtors servicing Orange County, so I viewed several of them online. David Feldberg of Coastal Real estate was the only realtor who contacted me the same day. I have always been skeptical, so I told him I would "think about" listing with him. After conducting thorough research, I realized the aggressive approach he described (via telephone) would be the best way to sell my house. Two days later, I called David back, and he met me at the house. He put my family at ease by describing his process and fully addressing our questions. He had the professional photographer on scene a few days later, and my house was listed before I could blink. Thereafter, I could not find a single website featuring local properties that did not include my listing. I am the type of person who takes a "hands on" approach, so I expected to be pushing my realtor every step of the way. I texted and called David with questions at least 30 times while the house was listed. The longest time I waited for his response was 7 (SEVEN) minutes. The vast majority of his responses were IMMEDIATE. David was always several steps ahead of me, so I learned to let him take the reigns. My property may have been difficult for mainstream realtors to sell because there were no similar properties sold in the area. David overcame this potential obstacle by holding an open house ALL THREE WEEKENDS that passed before a reasonable offer was made. That's right,... my house was sold within a month, and closed 30 days later. This was the fourth property I have sold over many years. The first three experiences were riddled with problems and delays. The undisputable difference between those experiences and this one was that DAVID TREATED THE SALE OF MY HOUSE AS IF IT WERE HIS OWN. Be the next person to make your real estate experience a true pleasure. Go with Coastal Real Estate Group!!
- Steven L.
- Steve L
★★★★★ February 1, 2013
As a first time home buyer, I had tons of questions! David Feldberg was very patient and responsive to my numerous inquiries. He helped me find the perfect place! I would recommend Dave to anyone that is looking to buy a new home. He is very knowledgeable about every aspect of this cumbersome process, which I found to extremely helpful. He walked me through the process every step of the way, and went above and beyond to make sure I was informed and satisfied with my purchase. Crista J
- Crista J
★★★★★ August 7, 2012
I would like to express our pleasure with David Feldberg. We credit David with a smooth stress free home selling Experience. Which is not an easy task these days. With his extensive knowledge he was able to sell our home within A very short time. He is very trust-worthy and honest. He helped us Understand all of our options, with his advice an guidance we Were able to make the right decisions for our personal Situation. I will continue to use David's expertise in the future When we purchase our next home. Kathy L
- Kathy L
★★★★★ December 2013
David Feldberg was simply amazing to work with. He was responsive, honest, realistic, professional and very attentive. He was never pushy and and I feel that he truly understood what type of home my family and I wanted to live in. Because of his hard work, valuable advice, and interactions with the selling agent, we wound up getting the dream house we wanted. Overall, I’d strongly recommend David to my friends, colleagues, and anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home in this competitive market. Nate B
- Nate B
★★★★★ June 10, 2014
The service level, response time, communication, and all around knowledge that David brought to the table is unmatched. He made the process of my finding our family a home not only satisfyingly easy but comfortable and safe. I feel I would be doing an in service to you the reader if I didn't tell you, your making a mistake if your choice isn't David.
- Rawleigh Y.
- Rawleigh Y
★★★★★ October 15, 2015
Our family was expanding and we were looking for a bigger home for our family of five. We choose Dave to be our realtor and would not have used anyone else. What we love about Dave is that he took the time to understand our needs and what we are looking for. He only showed us homes that met our budget and needs. Once ready he listed and sold our home for over the asking price and found up the perfect home. He is knowledgeable of the market and the industry. We are so happy with the home we bought and would recommend him to anyone in the OC looking for a realtor. - Heather W
- Heather W
★★★★★ September 25, 2014
Unlike most buyers or sellers, who have to compare their Realtor in a vacuum, we hired David to sell our home after firing a bad Realtor. Since a picture is worth 1,000 words I've uploaded the difference in photography between the two - the two pics I uploaded show the night and day difference between the way a good Realtor represents your property and how a bad one does. (The bad Realtor just showed up with a crappy camera, while the first thing David did was pay for a professional photographer to take pictures of the house and made slick flyers). Good pictures is just one example of the service David provided. He worked his ass off to sell our home, holding open houses every other week until we got multiple offers. Also important, David gave us good advice consistently through the process but always let it be our decision. After the experience of dealing with a shady incompetent Realtor, I can't recommend David enough for being the exact opposite. If you need to buy or sell a home David and Coastal Real Estate Group should be your first choice. Rob M
- Rob M
★★★★★ October 14, 2015
Selling a home can sometimes be complicated, and when it involves extended family, it's always complicated. This was the case with the home our family put up for sale in the Los Angeles area. Once Dave was involved as our realtor, however, our experience became over the top excellent. He made sure to be in contact with us daily, and gave us advice on everything from an appropriate list price to how to stage the home to what offers to accept from potential buyers-and everything else in between. Plus, he made sure to keep all extended family in the loop and was always reachable any time day or night. I can speak for all of my family when I say that once he came on board as our realtor, everything went so much smoother. Dave and Coastal Real Estate are the smartest, most effective real estate group out there. Whether you live in Los Angeles like I do, or anywhere in Southern California, use them to help sell your home. -Jennifer M
- Jennifer M
★★★★★ June 19, 2014
We couldn't have asked for a better realtor! My girlfriend and I moved to SoCal from New York City and had very little exposure to this side of the country. On my first call with David (I found him on Yelp!), he asked a few detailed questions regarding our expectations and then gave a great overview of the various areas/cities in Orange County that would be a fit for us. He went on to set up a search for us which we reviewed online. After David had narrowed the properties down for us, based on area, view, year built, etc., we scheduled a day to look at the options in person with him. Only 1 out of 7 properties was a bad fit, the rest was pretty much what we were looking for. We decided on what should be our new home, David guided us through the paperwork, and we moved in shortly after. I'll refer David to friends and business partners and we'll certainly use David if we decide to stay on the West Coast and we're ready to buy a home! Thank you, David! Mag D
- Mag D
★★★★★ May 7, 2012
Mr. David Feldberg is an absolute professional and delivered for me when he managed the locating and eventual purchasing of my first home. He was extremely helpful and always available to answer my numerous questions about the real estate process. When the deal came down to the wire in my situation, David went above and beyond to make sure my concerns were both acknowledged and properly addressed. David is a man of his word and sees his commitments through. I highly recommend enlisting David Feldberg in your next real estate transaction. Charlie P
- Charlie P
★★★★★ June 11, 2014
David's impeccable service gets an A+ in my book. He is knowledgeable, friendly, and speedy with answers to all of my questions. He setup this great MLS listing page for me that was tailored to my needs, so I was able to see new listings as they became available. David is extremely professional, helpful, and patient. He is genuinely interested in helping one find their perfect home! I will definitely be recommending him to anyone and everyone I know, Thanks David A++++ Alexis L
- Alexis L
★★★★★ October 5, 2014
David is a true professional, a superb real estate agent who has gone above and beyond for my family and friends. There are so many realtors out there, it is rare that you find someone like David with a true knowledge and expertise of the market. Whether purchasing or selling a property, or if I have just a general inquiry, Dave is always thorough, quick to get results, and not once have I ever felt rushed (as I have with previous agents). I would highly recommend David again and again to anyone looking to buy or sell their home or property. Thanks Dave! John K
- John K

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