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Real estate has always been a passion for David Feldberg. He graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a degree in Sociology and is also an involved alumni and member of Sigma Pi Fraternity.

After graduating, he moved quickly into the Newport Beach real estate market here in Southern California. He started out in the world of real estate financing where he received an in-depth look at how banks and brokers underwrite loans. This experience allowed for a greater ability to direct clients to the most beneficial loans for their financial situation.

His passion for real estate continued to grow and shortly into his career he made the move towards obtaining his real estate broker’s license in 2003. Since then, he has helped hundreds of clients with their real estate needs and is proud to help families in Orange County and all of coastal Southern California.

David always tries to walk in his client’s shoes. His genuine care for their well-being is evident in the number of repeat clients and referrals he receives. David loves meeting people from all walks of life and loves helping them buy or sell their home. Whether you are a first-time home buyer looking for a starter home or a seasoned, real estate investor looking for a luxury, primary residence or units to provide cash flow—he can help. David provides a full-service experience and is a 5-star agent with Zillow, Yelp and Google.

Additionally, he is on the Technology Task force with the Pacific West Association of Realtors and is the running chair of the Irvine Chamber of Commerce’s Wednesday networking group. In his spare time, you can find David spending time with his family, relaxing in the Newport Harbor on the Mint Julep, volunteering at the American Legion, at the Merage Jewish Community Center or working with I.C.A.R.E. Dog Rescue.

CA BRE # 01378475

For more information about David Feldberg and his brokerage, please visit

As the real estate markets in the US have started to take a little breather, many areas have seen a return to a more “normal” environment, meaning it actually takes a little bit of effort if you want to sell a home.

If you are trying to sell your home in the Newport Beach area, for example, we’ve seen the amount of time it takes (average days on market) rise from an average of 69 in March of 2014, when the markets were smoking hot, to a more tepid 100 here at the start of 2015.

As a REALTOR® selling homes in North Tustin, I find many of my clients, who are thinking of selling, ask what’s the best way to increase the selling price of a home (or just get it to sell more quickly) with out taking the risk of spending tens of thousands on a home remodel?  We asked 24 of the greatest minds in real estate to answer this important question.

Here’s what they came up with:

“One great way to increase your home’s value is by adding a small bathroom, even just a toilet/sink combo. This can be done fairly cheap depending on the layout of the house. I’ll be tackling this project in the next few months on my own house, adding a second bathroom right above the first floor bath. I expect the entire project to take less than $4,000 and I expect to increase the value of my house between $12,000 – $18,000.”

Follow Brandon at or on Twitter @biggerpockets., the consumer homeownership site from the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, recently named the most financially savvy home improvements you can make. Among the budget-minded upgrades:

In addition, year after year, “Remodeling” magazine’s “Cost vs. Value Report” lists entry door and garage door replacements among its top value-adding projects under $5,000. Specifically, the report notes that on average nationally, a new steel front door can return about 100% of its cost and a garage door can return about 88%.

Find on Twitter at @Houselogic.

Matt Flegal, PR director of Trulia, pointed us to a blog post on the Trulia website, The Best Remodeling Bang for Your Buck, which notes that your top 5 target projects to increase home value on a budget are the kitchen, master bath, paint, new carpet, and easy fixes for curb appeal. 

Find Trulia on Twitter at @Trulia.

Seth Williams from writes:

“Real estate is very much a game of perceived value. The best way to increase a buyer’s perceived value of your home is to give them an excellent visual portrayal of it. Put the extra effort into getting great pictures, invest in some professional photography if you have to (and maybe even some video if it makes sense). Help people to see the value in what your offering. When you give buyers a good visual portrayal of your property, you won’t have to do much “selling” because the property will sell itself.”

Find Seth on Twitter at @RETipsterSeth.

“It really depends on the size, type, and location of your home. First impression is critical. I would focus my investment on improving the appearance of my homes entry; painting the inside or exterior if within budget and improving the landscaping of the house. Also if budget is still available I would accessorize the outside to add some extra personality.”

Nellie is the CEO of CorpNet and can be found on Twitter at @CorpNetNellie.

“I believe the way to increase value and interest in a home is to create “Wow!” The wow factor is the thing that attracts buyers to a home, regardless of price point. Of course, “The Wow Factor” in a $1M home and a home selling for $200,000 are probably completely different things. But a wow factor can be as simple as having nice granite in the kitchen and clean paint throughout the house. Maybe it is replacing all the sheet glass mirrors in the bath rooms with framed mirrors and adding fans to all the bed rooms. The wow will be different in every home, but selling a home with no Wow is a competitive challenge.”

Tim can be found on and also runs the blog Austin Real Estate Secrets. He can also be found on Twitter at @ZipAustin.

“Five of the best ways to increase your home’s value for under $5,000 when you’re selling your home include:

  1. Declutter & stage: most buyers have a difficult time seeing past a cluttered home. This “free” activity can generate thousands in value.
  2. Take great photos: 90% of buyers start on the internet, so if your photos aren’t fantastic, you’ll get less interest in people seeing your home.
  3. Painting: Ensure the main entry ways and initial rooms look good. A fresh coat of paint can make a big difference.
  4. Power wash the driveway / front entrance: First impressions go a long way. Ensure the exterior of your home looks clean & fresh.
  5. Update old cabinet hardware: For a few hundred dollars, you can give the kitchens & bath and updated look.”

Paige is the owner of and can be found on Twitter at @HoustonPaige.

“It is easy to raise the value of a home $5,000 and here are some inexpensive ways to get it done:

  1. Industrial strength cleaning and decluttering: Clean the inside and remove items that are not actively being used on a regular basis. Cleaning needs to include every surface, every window, closets, etc.>
  2. Landscape & Exterior: You want your home to look awesome right from the curb or driveway so be sure to power wash your home, organize everything on the front porch, paint your front door red, and be sure you have a nice mail box and lighting in front of your home.

The next step would be to paint the inside and work on your flooring to be sure you maximize the visual experience in neutral colors throughout.”

Jim runs the Investing Now Network and can be found on Twitter at @InvestForever.

Paula runs the website Afford Anything and can be found on Twitter at @AffordAnything.

“Sprucing up the front yard is a great way to add value to your home without spending a lot of money. Fresh mulch and some colorful flowers will really enhance your curb appeal and help you make a great first impression.”

David’s website is and he can be found on Twitter at @realtyoptimist.

“If you only have $5000 to spruce up your home before you sell it, where should you invest that money? You can’t really do any major renovations, but you can get a lot of “wow” factor with this much cash.

One thing that makes the biggest impact on any home is a fresh coat of paint especially in the main living areas. You’ve already done that? Here are 6 additional tips for getting the most bang for your buck.

  1. Install new hardware on the cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms.
  2. Replace towel bars and other accessories in the bathrooms including the towels and the shower curtain. You want these areas to look brand new.
  3. Paint the front door and add new hardware. You never get a 2nd chance at a 1st impression.
  4. Paint or replace your mailbox.
  5. Replace any outdated light fixtures especially ones near the front door.
  6. Invest in your curb appeal. If the exterior your house doesn’t look inviting, you may lose potential buyers before you ever get the in the door. Put a fresh coat of paint on your shutters, add fresh mulch, take a close look at your landscaping on the front of the house, and add a big pot of flowers by the front door.

These are all pretty simple fixes guaranteed to make your house look like a million bucks.”

Sharon can be found at the Louisville Gals Real Estate Blog or on Twitter at @SVornholt.

“One of the best ways to increase your home’s value for under $5,000 is to focus on the presentation of the interior of the home with updated flooring, interior paint, and fixtures. When a house looks clean, and begins to have a polished presentation with new fixtures, switch plates, fresh paint, refinished hardwood flooring, removal of popcorn ceiling texture, new ceiling fans, new baseboards, etc… buyers definitely notice. When a house is in “move-in” condition with the “small things” already taken care of, buyers tend to pay a premium.”

Ryan can be found at Sacramento Appraisal Blog or on Twitter at @SacAppraiser.

  1. Paint!
  2. Declutter and clean everything.
  3. Clean all windows and open coverings to let in light.
  4. Plant – the outside should look appealing – plant flowers and have some by the door too (you can buy cheap pots)
  5. .If your home is not updated and the above will not do justice, the best place to spend the money is in the kitchen – new appliances and some staging can really help. If the cabinets look past their prime you can paint or refinish them and add inexpensive hardware to make a big difference. If the bathrooms need work try replacing old mirrors (you can find inexpensive framed ones at stores like Home Goods) and fixtures and painting cabinets.”

Rachel can be found online at LaMar Real Estate or on Twitter at @RachelLaMar_JD.

“Starts with Curb appeal, prune the bushes, trim the trees, perhaps paint the trim and add some colorwith flowers. These are all cheap cosmetic repairs that will attract and maintain interest. Inside paint and upgrade old carpets, keep them light and neutral. Focus on kitchens and baths any upgrades needed perhaps new cabinet pulls and knobs and new counter tops. Add new lights as needed to create an open and bright home. Today’s buyers want open floor plans with lots of natural lights and move in ready homes. Any in expensive changes to highlight these attributes will bring in the larger sale price.”

Larry can be found at Equity Builder Group and on Twitter at @BuyUsRealEstate.

Find Mark at Ugly But Honest or on Twitter at @MarkBrian.

“Cosmetic improvements like paint and light landscaping can certainly improve the curb appeal of your home, attracting more buyers.  Once they walk into the home, the biggest tell as to the age of your home is your kitchen.  With a $5,000 budget, you can replace the kitchen sink with a modern one, replace the countertops, and resurface your kitchen cabinets with new doors and veneer for that “new kitchen look”.  Even without modern appliances, this facelift will go a long way toward increasing your home’s appeal, and value.  Nothing brings in low offers faster than green formica counters and rickety kitchen cabinets”

Scott can be found at Broadview Mortgage or on Twitter at @ScottSchang.

“The best way to increase a home’s value for under $5,000 is by adding additional legal living space. For instance, if there is an unfinished walk-up attic, finishing the space legally and adding the additional square footage is a great opportunity to make a home larger. This helps substantially when comparing square footage of a home to others that have recently sold that are comparable.”

Kyle’s runs Rochester Real Estate Blog and is on Twitter at @KyleHiscockRe.

“Without a doubt one of the most cost effective ways to increase the value of a home is to spruce it up with a fresh coat of paint. There is nothing that will liven up a home more for short money than painting. This is especially true if the owner has wild colors and has not stayed neutral in their color schemes. Touching up dings in woodwork and walls also shows a buyer there is pride of ownership. Today’s buyers are looking for turn-key properties!”

Bill’s runs Max Real Estate Exposure and is on Twitter at @MassRealty.

“When considering whether or not to add several thousand dollars in improvements to one’s home, there are numerous potential options such as new paint, landscaping additions to the front or rear yards, new windows, French doors or skylights which may better lighten up a room (brighter rooms tend to make a room or the entire home appear larger), updated kitchen appliances new flooring options or modernized faucets, showers, or sinks. Any updates to a home which make the property seem more modern, brighter, and easier to operate may add a return on the repair funds invested in amounts of 2, 5, or even 10 + times the actual money invested.”

Rick can be found online at The Credit Crisis or on Twitter at @RETobin.

“I think the best way to increase a house’s value is to remodel the kitchen. With kitchen cabinets more affordable and laminate counters looking more like granite; it is very affordable to replace a kitchen. If you bought a new home or a newly remodeled home, then a new kitchen may not help, but most homeowners have houses with older kitchens.

Replace those old oak cabinets with nice modern maple cabinets, prefab granite like laminate counters and stainless steel appliances. If you choose wisely with your cabinets like a ready to assemble online store, with your counters like Home Depot or lowes and affordable appliances you should be right around $5,000.”

Mark’s website is Invest Four More and his Twitter profile is @InvestFourMore.

“There are 2 angles to consider and both involve the easiest fix, paint. How it looks walking up and how fresh it is inside are very important to a buyer. I would spend the $5000 firstly by repainting the front rooms as you walk in, don’t worry about the back bedrooms, if the kitchen and living room are freshly painted it will smell good and appear very well kept. The front of the house and landscape are equally important, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Clean all landscaping, bring in new mulch in the beds, and make sure your lawn is always mowed and edged immaculately throughout the listing period. A good painter can color match your house color and even just repaint the front if there are any faded areas or watermarks. Buyers have about 3-4 minutes standing on your front porch as the agent fumbles with the lockbox, make sure as they look around everything is in order. A new mailbox, toe kick and house numbers are also very inexpensive.”

Tom’s Website is Green Button Homes and he can be found on Twitter at @TomTarrant.

“The fastest way to boost your home’s value is to check the curb appeal first – you want to draw people into the home when it’s on the market. Once inside, having invested in floors and countertops is the least expensive face lift. If you have money left over, switching out the finishes (lights, plate covers, and so forth) makes any home stand out quickly.”

Benn can be found online at The American Genius or on Twitter at @BennRosales.

“In my humble opinion, I think the best way to increase a home’s value is to make sure all countertops are granite or marble, and repaint outdated cabinets.”

Kristin can be found online at Charleston Inside Out or on Twitter at @ChaInsideOut.

“New countertops in the kitchen – everybody loves a great kitchen.”

Jilliene can be found at Realty Mogul or on Twitter at @JillieneHelman.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to this post!  If you find this information useful, please share it, and if you have any tips on increasing a home’s value on the cheap, please leave a comment below.

There are over 1.3 million realtors in the US alone and as you have probably found, most have a blog they are trying to promote. If you’re looking for insightful, practical and informative Realtor blogs, you have come to the right place! As a realtor with a blog I have decided to make a list of the absolute cream of the crop for you and give you only the best realtor blogs that you really need to read. Here they are in no particular order.

The Phoenix Real Estate Guy

Phoenix Real Estate Guy is a long standing blog written by Nick Bastian, Dean Ouellette and Shar Rundio that is equal parts informative, entertaining and helpful. Covering everything from local to national news as well as home tips and inspiring stories.

You can find The Phoenix Real Estate Guy at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Joe Manausa Real Estate

Joe Manausa has over 24 years of real estate experience in the Tallahassee area.  Joe blogs almost daily and is well known for his progressive strategies to sell homes.  His blog consists of mostly Tallahassee real estate info, but he also writes about national trends and available federal and state programs.

You can find Joe at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Smith & Associates Real Estate

Bob Glaser and his team operate out of the Tampa Bay area and have been in business for over 40 years.  Bob and his team have all your real estate needs under one roof (mortgage, title, rentals, relocations, corporate relocations, etc) so you can find a wide variety of topics on their blog as well as great local information.

You can find Bob and his team at or on Facebook and Twitter.

 Maximum Exposure Real Estate

Bill Gassett is really a very savvy internet marketer and this combined with his real estate experience (30 years I believe) make his blog both informative and entertaining. In addition to the normal real estate posts, Bill writes about the Metrowest Massachusetts area as well as a lot of posts for realtors to read, so if you want a little insight from one of the best follow Bill.

You can find Bill at and on Facebook and Twitter.

Jim Duncan

Jim has been blogging for a good 10 years and is a partner with Nest Realty in Charlottesville VA. Jim’s goal is to provide very clear and unbiased information on the Charlottesville real estate market and he does just that.  In addition you can find good tips on home buying, mortgages and pretty much anything real estate related.

You can find Jim at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Teresa Boardman

Teresa has been blogging since 2005 on her St. Paul real estate blog.  Teresa does a really good job at tying everything into her local market while still covering large topics like real estate trends and Market Conditions.  There are also plenty of home improvement tips and safety tips as well.

To follow Teresa you can goto or find her on Facebook or Twitter

Home City Real Estate

Keith Dunham is the CEO of Home City and with a few different offices they cover the Dallas Ft Worth and Austin markets. What I like about the blog on Home City is you are able to compare data from two different markets while also keeping up to date with all the major events in both cities.  With over 100 agents they cover a lot of ground.  If you live in either the Dallas Ft Worth Area or Austin this is a blog you should read.

For more information you can visit or on Facebook (DFW)Facebook (Austin) and Twitter.

Philly Living

Started by Noah Ostroff and written By Dale Archdekin and Sandy Smith covers everything Philadelphia.  The reason I like this blog is they dog a great job for marrying local content with real estate. Dale and Sandy are able to give you great feel for a neighborhood by combining restaurants, activities, nightlife and local home prices with lots of great photos.  

You can find Noah, Dale, Sandy and all has to offer on Facebook or Twitter.

Dwell Real Estate

Started by Marc Rasmussen in 2011 Dwell has become a force in the Sarasota real estate market. Their blog covers all things Florida with the obvious centerpiece being the Sarasota real estate market with a little bit of large term trends and national information.  The other thing I like about Dwell’s blog is they do some great infographics which really make very dry data easy to read.

You can Find Marc and his team at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Live Urban Real Estate

Stacie Staub is the director of marketing and realtor for Live Urban in Denver Colorado.  Stacie and the team at Live Urban do a great job putting out a lot (20-25) posts per month while still creating good content.  They cover everything from individual properties to nightlife and they do it with infographics, video and well written posts.  This is a well rounded blog and a must read if you are in the Denver area.

Follow Stacie and the Live Urban team at or on Facebook and Twitter.

The Las Vegas Luxury Home Pro

Debbie Drummond has had this blog running only for a few years but she writes great content. Based in Las Vegas and specializing in the luxury market Debbie post a fair amount just about that, but also puts out a lot of content for investors, activities in Vegas and some great home buying and selling tips.  

You can find Debbie at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Mike McCann

Mike “The Real Estate Man” McCann has been in the business a long time and last I heard has sold over 6000 homes in the Philadelphia area so he comes from a place of a lot of experience. What I like about Mike’s blog is that he connects with a lot of local businesses and features them on his blog.  As a realtor it give me idea for my neighborhood, and there are plenty of great real estate tips as well if you don’t live in the area.

You can find Mike and his team at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Home Hunts

Started by Tim Sannie and Francois-Xavier de Vial in 2005, Home Hunts offers their services in the luxury markets of France, Monaco, London and New York. Because of their market they really showcase some amazing properties from around the globe.  Its great to just look at beautiful homes as well as I often times I get great ideas that I haven’t seen here but are only being used overseas.  

For more information on Home Hunts goto or on Facebook and Twitter.

Waterfront Properties and Club Communities  

Owned by Rob Thomson, Waterfront Properties has tried to make sure all of their agents are area specialists rather then jacks of all trades.  Because of this there is a very diverse group of authors on the blog which allows for a lot of difference voices and stories.  From local news and activities to emerging national trends there is a little something for everyone to read on here.

For more information visit or on Facebook and Twitter.


Kevin Lisota co-founded Findwell after years of real estate investing and helping friends and family buy houses.  He has been active in the Seattle market for years and does a good job incorporating technology with real estate in his blog.  This blog is about real estate, technology, and all the different services in the Seattle area.  Mark is also on Zillow’s Agent Advisory Board helping them add features to their site.

You can find Kevin at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Paige Martin

Paige started a number of years back and her blog is just a hard core real estate blog.  Paige has actually been featured on Fox News and the Houston Chronicle.  If you are looking for information on Houston real estate she covers it all neighborhood by neighborhood. In addition if you are looking for information on the real estate market as a whole she will cover that too.  

For more information visit or on Facebook or Twitter.

Dave Fratello

Dave is all about Manhattan Beach real estate.  In 2014 nobody sold more homes in Manhattan Beach then this guy.  He has been blogging for years on his site and is both humorous and factual.  Dave really tries to give his readers a ton of information so they can make their own decisions while also keeping all the posts entertaining.  

To follow Dave visit or on Facebook and Twitter.

Scottsdale Real Estate

Don Matheson has over 38 years of experience selling real estate and brings that to his blog. Based in Scottsdale, Don covers topics such as home buyer and seller tips, local activities and businesses, home decor as well as any worthy real estate news in the area.   What most real estate blogs (including my own) have is a smattering of posts about their transactions.  Don keeps it light, fun and interesting!

You can find Don and his team at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Alexander Clark

Alexander is the the ultra competitive San Francisco/Bay Area real estate market and his been blogging for some time.  His blog is informative (he puts out a lot of data which I love to read), humorous and something unique Alexander does is he lists out the top 10 overbids (buyers who paid over list)  and underbids (buyers who paid under list) every week. If you are a fan of the city by the bay this is a great blog to read.

You can follow Alexander at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Martin Archacki

Martin is well respected in the Atlanta area for his knowledge with new sales, standard sales, short-sales and foreclosures.  On his blog he covers everything a home buyer or seller could use on a national level.  Lots of tips and tricks that home buyers and sellers can use in any market as well as a lot of information for investors.  This is a great blog for all home buyers and sellers regardless of market.

For more information visit or on Facebook and Twitter.

Jim Klinge

On his blog he is known as “Jim the Realtor” and Jim covers the San Diego real estate market. I love to follow the financial markets and Jim puts a lot of that into his blog. You can find everything from economics to local activities.  If you love numbers, graphs and the occasional video this is a good spot for you.

You can follow Jim at or on Facebook at Twitter.

Tim Thornton

Tim has been blogging for a long time about the Austin real estate market.  What most people don’t know is Tim actually covers a lot of issues that are applicable in any state.  He covers a lot about the Austin, Tx real estate market while also covering lots of topics including flooring, short sales, seller tips and more.  If you are looking for a well rounded blog, and you are anyway affiliated with the Texas market this is a great blog for you.

You can find Tim at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Colleen Lane

Collen and her husband Joe lead the Lane Real Estate Team based in the Tri Cities area of Washington.  Colleen really keeps their blog current with posts most days.  This a great example of a community website with information about literally EVERYTHING going on in the Tri Cities area.  Personally I love this type of blog and if you live or are thinking of living in this area, this is a must read.

You can find Colleen and Joe at or on Facebook and Twitter

Preston Guyton

Preston started CRG companies out of Myrtle Beach South Carolina in 2011 and he sells real estate but mostly custom homes that are designed at built by CRG.  What I like about Preston’s blog is that it is great for design ideas and they build some really beautiful homes which I enjoy looking at as well.  In addition its always nice to ready about companies giving back in their community and CRG does a lot of that.  If you live in the Myrtle Beach or Garden City SC this blog is a must follow.

To find Preston go to or on Facebook and Twitter.

Edmonton Real Estate Blog

Authors Sheldon Johnston and Sara MacLennan have been blogging since 2005 about the Edmonton real estate market and as over time have created one of the most popular real estate blogs in Canada!  What I like about their blog is they are really good about covering a lot of heavy real estate data and trends and making it easy to read and understandable.  In addition they give a lot of great buyer and seller tips.  If you are anywhere in the Edmonton area you should give this a read!

You can find Sheldon and Sara at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Kyle Hiscock

Kyle is a social media and real estate marketing machine.  Kyle writes posts that can apply to buyers and sellers in all markets.  In addition many of his posts are the most content rich posts on a subject you can find.   Based out of Rochester NY but covering a number of markets with market data as well this blog is always a good read.  

You can find Kyle at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Turner Team Realtors

Charles Turner and his wife Jenny run The Turner Team out of Portland Oregon but are licensed to do business in both Oregon and Washington.  Charles is in charge of the blog and has literally done thousands of posts.  What I like about Charles’s blog is you can tell its written by a local.  Many of the posts are an in depth look at a neighborhood, real estate market news or a local event  with the occasional home showcase or restaurant but all of it is about Portland and it really gives a locals perspective.  If you live in or around the Portland Oregon area this is a must read.

You can find Charles at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Mark Washburn

Mark writes for the DC Condo Boutique Team which covers the greater Washington DC area. What I love about Mark’s blog is he does a great job of covering luxury condos in the DC area better then anyone else.  There are also plenty of posts about the area population and different emerging trends but the bulk of the content is definitely about the luxury condo market.  If you are in the greater Washington DC area bookmark this site.

You can follow Mark at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Anita Clark

Based in Warner Robins and covering most of middle Georgia Anita does a great job covering local data as well as buyer and seller tips that are applicable in most markets.  One of the reasons I like Anita’s blog is her posts are very thorough.  Whether she is covering how home automation effects value or something as simple as what to leave behind when moving they are always helpful posts and offer other resources for further reading.

For more on Anita you can go to or on Facebook and Twitter.

Reno Realty Blog

Guy Johnson is a well educated tech savvy realtor who services the greater Reno, Nevada market.  Guy has been blogging about Reno real estate for over a decade and over that time has put out a mountain of great content.  The majority of Guy’s content is well written in depth housing data for the Reno area.  In addition Guy always gives you his sources and his analysis of the data.  You can also find home showcases and national real estate articles as well.  This is a great real estate blog for anyone who is thinking of buying or selling a home in the Reno area.

For more information you can visit or go to Facebook or Twitter.

Crystal Tost 

Crystal has been an agent in the Calgary area for over 18 years and does a great job covering market data with lots of visual images.  Additionally, some of the homes that Crystal showcases are absolutely stunning and are worth a look.  If you are a home buyer or seller in the Calgary area this is a blog that you really need to read.

You can find Crystal at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Great Colorado Homes

Andrew Fortune is based in Colorado Springs, CO and really puts out a lot of great content.  Andrew covers a lot of topics on his blog ranging from market stats for all the different areas in Colorado Springs as well as great buyer and seller tips.  Andrew is a great example of how content should be written, with great imagery and its all very easy to understand with a little humor sprinkled in there.  If you are looking for a great buyer and seller tips and/or you live in the greater Colorado Springs area find Andrew!

For more information on Andrew visit or find him on Facebook and Twitter.

Fredrick Real Estate Online 

Chris and Karen Highland lead the Highland group in the Fredrick MD area and have been helping clients for over 20 years.  Karen writes most of the content for their blog and covers content including local market data, buyer and seller tips, frequently asked real estate questions, local and national trends, just to name a few.  If you or anyone you know is interested in the Fredrick Maryland area check out this blog!

For more information visit or find them on Facebook and Twitter.

The Hermann London Group

Adam Kruse broker/owner of The Hermann London Group is no stranger to St. Louis real estate. Raised in St. Louis county he draws from his extensive knowledge of the area and real estate experience to put together a great blog.  Adam puts out a lot of information on the area but showcases a lot of homes that he or his team know about or list in the area.  If you are looking in the greater St. Louis area this would be a real good blog to read.

You can find Adam and his team at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Raleigh Realty

Ryan Fitzgerald is the owner of Raleigh Realty in you guessed it Raleigh, NC. Ryan is a great writer and covers a lot of local market stats with accompanying infographics but what I love about Ryan’s blog is that he gives lots of easy practical buyer and seller tips that can be used in any market. Ryan is also a pretty tech savvy agent so he covers a lot of real estate technology as well, which I really enjoy reading.

For more information visit or find Ryan on Facebook and Twitter

Linda DeVlieg

Linda DeVlieg has been a top producing realtor in the Albuquerque, New Mexico market for over 20 years and in that time has amassed quite a bit of experience.  Linda’s blog is great, it covers lots of local topics, showcases homes, but where her blog really stands out are her buyer and seller tips.  Linda writes very thorough articles about frequently asked questions that buyers and sellers have in addition to great local housing market data.  If you are in the Albuquerque market this is a blog you should be reading.

You can find Linda at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Minneapolis St. Paul Homes

John Mazzara covers the Twin Cities area in Minnesota.  One of the reasons I like John’s blog is he covers very plain topics such as mortgage, homeowners insurance and mortgage insurance (just to name a few) and really makes these topics interesting.  John covers some local market data on his blog but its definitely not the focal point.  If you are looking for some information on tips about being a homeowner to the best time to sell John covers it.

You can find John at on Facebook and Twitter.

Crane Realtors

Martin Crane is the broker and owner of Crane Realtors in Louisville, KY.  With over 15 years in the industry Martin brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.  Martin is runs a no fluff all real estate blog.  If you are looking for homes in the Louisville, KY area there is a good chance Martin is blogging about it.  If you are anywhere near the Louisville market you should read his blog.

For more information visit or find him on Facebook and Twitter

Joe Samson

Joe Samson is all about Calgary real estate.  What Joe does better then anyone are infographics. He takes large, dry, and confusing market data and breaks it down into month over month and year over year pieces and he does it graphically.  In addition he showcases a lot of area homes so if you are in the Calgary area this is a great blog to follow!

You can follow Joe at or on Facebook and Twitter

Jackson Fuller

Britton Jackson and Matt Fuller work the San Francisco market.  I have spent a lot of time in SF and it really is one of a kind.  Britton and Matt really try to give their readers a good feel for the city through the eye of a camera with posts like “San Francisco at Dawn” as well very informative posts about affordability and demographics.  Its really a great blog to read with a lot of content.  If you are a resident in the bay area you should definitely follow these guys.  

You can find them online at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Mooers Realty

Andrew Mooers has been in real estate for almost 36 years and s based in Houlton but covers the whole state of Maine.  The reason I like Andrews blog is it is hands down the best resource for Maine real estate.  He posts once a week about all issues homeowners, buyers and sellers face in the state of Maine and he covers these issues fully. Whether it is questions about market conditions or how much are closing costs in the state of Maine, he covers it all.  If you live in the state of Maine and follow the housing market at all this is a blog you need to read.

For more information you can find Andrew at or on Facebook and Twitter.

The Gail Spada Team

Gail Spada runs her team with Century 21 and knows the Hernando County real estate market very well.  What I like about Gail’s blog is she breaks some very complex topics up into smaller posts and makes a series.  As an example her last series was about home repairs that you can do, complete with step by step instructions and pictures.  This is a good read if you are a homeowner or live in the Hernando County area.

You can find Gail at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Naples Real Estate

Chip Harris and Michele Peppe run the Harris-Peppe Team with Coldwell Banker and were recently named in the top 1% of brokerages.  Based in Naples Florida their blog showcases many different area homes as well as lots of information and pictures of the area. This is a must read for anyone who is living in or is looking to buy or sell a home in the Naples, FL area.

You can find Chip and Michele at or on Facebook and Twitter.

The Belt Team 

Terry Belt is CEO of The Belt Team and thus runs one of the highest producing Keller William Teams in the country.  Located in Northern Virginia and selling a lot of homes in the Vienna Oakton area they know their stuff.  Their blog is great at covering a large amount of local market data and showcasing lots of homes in their area.  If you are located in Northern Virginia and want to keep tabs on the real estate market this is where you should be.

You can visit Terry and The Belt Team at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Tracy’s LA Real Estate

Tracy King and Keely Myres are based in Northeast Los Angeles and really run a great blog.  With information on tons of local restaurants (with notes on if they have actually been there and liked it), home showcases and local market information this is a great blog if you are in the LA area.  

For more information you can find Tracy and Kelly at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Salt Lake Real Estate Group 1

Gordon Sloan has been in the real estate industry for over 40 years and is the Broker/Owner of Group 1 in Salt Lake City.  Gordon does things a little different on his blog then most.  He doesn’t showcase a lot of individual homes or talk a lot about community events.  What he does talk a lot about are housing market numbers, frequently asked buyer and seller questions and even mortgages.  On top of that he usually tries to give the pros and cons to many different financing scenarios as well.  If you are a first time home buyer or are in the greater Salt Lake City are this is a great blog for you.

You can find Gordon at or on Facebook and Twitter.

The Valley of Hearts Delight

Mary Pope-Handy is a 2nd generation Silicon Valley Realtor who loves numbers almost as much as I do.  In her blog she covers local market data in depth (if you like real estate data, you are going to like this) and also lots of great seller and buyer tips.  In addition Mary covers lots of commonly asked questions by clients and really takes the time to walk through the questions fully.  If you live in the Silicon Valley this is a great blog for you.

You can find Mary at or on Facebook and Twitter.

NYC Blog Estate

Mitchell J Hall has been blogging about Manhattan, NY real estate for over a decade and really has one goal, educate his readers about all aspects of real estate in Manhattan.  Mitchell really covers a lot of very complex questions that effect NY homeowners like “Did You Know A Coop’s Flip Tax Can Affect the Loan?” or “Landmarking, Housing Production and Demographics in NYC”.  In addition Mitchell puts out a very detailed marked monthly market report and showcases lots of homes in the area.  If you live in Manhattan NY this is a great blog for you.

You can find Mitchell at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Tholco Real Estate Group

Jason Thoele is the managing broker and has sold over 800 properties over an 9 year period.  That is a staggering number if you don’t realize it. Based in Bakersfield California Jason and his team blog about everything from local market news and updates to buyer and seller tips with some fun posts like “Letters to Santa” and “Bathrooms of the Future” in there as well.  

You can follow Jason at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Harriman Real Estate

Pat and Wayne Harriman own Harriman real estate and service the Hartford, New Haven, and Middlesex County, in particular the Wallingford/Meriden area of Connecticut. This is just a great local realtor blog.  Lots of posts about home tours, open houses, listings, and community events.  Its really just the right amount of everything. If you are in the Wallingford/Meriden area of Connecticut this would be a great place to start your home search.

For more information visit or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Boulder Real Estate News

Bob Gordon runs the site Boulder Real Estate News and services the greater Boulder, Colorado market.  What Bob does on his blog that I like is he gives a little bit of everything on there.  Bob showcases homes, gives good buyer and seller tips, local events, information on schools, market data and event restaurant reviews!  If you are in the Boulder or Louisville markets in Colorado this is a great blog to read.

You can find Bob at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Sedona Realtors

Ralph and Tricia Bredahl have been selling real estate for almost 20 years in Arizona.  The live and work in Sedona and the reason I think their blog is great, is it is very well rounded and a great example of a local realtors site.  You get a little bit of everything: housing market data, buyer and seller tips, local events and just some great posts about the reasons they love the area. Their posts are always very thorough and you can tell how much they love their area.  If you are looking to buy or sell real estate in Sedona this is a good blog for you.

You can find Ralph and Tricia at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Palm Beach Coastal Realty

Todd Blair is the broker/owner of Palm Beach Coastal Realty and services the Palm Beach and Jupiter Florida markets. One of the reasons I really like Todd’s blog is he showcases communities more then homes.  He does a great job of breaking all the communities up by features as well.  If you are only looking for a gated community, or it has to be on a golf course, or you are only looking for new construction, etc.  You can find it all here.  If you are in the Palm Beach or Jupiter community and you are a homeowner or are looking to become one this is a good blog for you.

You can find Todd at or on Facebook and Twitter

Dan Krell

Dan Krell is a realtor who has been blogging for over a decade (he also writes the real estate column for the Montgomery County Sentinel) and it shows in his posts.  Dan is based in Rockville Maryland but services all of Montgomery County.  What I like about Dan’s blogs are they are all about real estate and are filled with usable information and he always gives you links to his sources.  In addition he covers a lot of market data with in depth analysis that is digestible to your average homeowner.  If you live in the greater Montgomery County area of Maryland, you should be reading Dan’s blog.

You can find Dan at or on Facebook and Twitter

The Real Estate Dirt

Joan Stansfield is well known in the Washington DC area and has a unique history (Prior to real estate she traveled with US presidents and the White House Press Corps). The reason that I enjoy Joan’s blog is that she covers a pretty wide range of topics from how to stage your home to where the best Christmas lights are.  She has been selling real estate in this area for a long time and her posts give a great point of view.  If you are is the Washington DC area this is a great blog for you.

To find out more about Joan Stansfield visit or find her on Facebook and Twitter.

Leigh Brown & Associates

Leigh Brown and her team do a lot of business (she actually sells a home every 1.3 days) in the North and South Carolina markets.  What I like about Leigh’s blog is its fun and informative. With posts like “9 ways real estate is Star Wars” “Great and innovative repurposed windows” she keeps her blog interesting and fun.  Leigh doesn’t showcase as many homes but covers her communities she covers in great detail.  If you are in either North or South Carolina this is a good blog for you.

You can find Leigh at or on Facebook and Twitter

Rooney Real Estate

Jackie Rooney is a lifelong resident of South Boston and has been selling real estate there for over 30 years and with that comes lots of local knowledge and experience.  What I like about Jackie’s blog is he doesn’t just showcase homes to potential buyers. Jackie’s posts are very helpful and range from homeowner, buyer or seller tips to “Weatherizing Your South Boston Condo” to “Three Easy Ways to Improve Your Home’s Value Before You Sell”.  The posts are all well written and concise.  If you live in the South Boston area this blog is a good read for you.

You can find Jackie at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Miami Beach Real Estate

Ashton Coleman is a Florida native and works the luxury Miami Beach market.  What I like about Aston’s blog is he showcases the best of what Miami Beach luxury has to offer.  He really showcases a lot of different homes and developments in the area but they are all gorgeous! If you are looking for stunning rooftop decks with ocean views for miles and real estate market and trend data for the Miami Beach area, this is your place.  

You can find Ashton at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Kiss and Sell

Peggy Blair was an attorney for 30 years before becoming a realtor.  Now she sells real estate and hosts a TV show about Ottawa real estate.  What I like about Peggy’s blog is she doesn’t showcase many homes but she does cover tons of issues about home ownership and how to handle different areas of the real estate transaction (again, past attorney so real good info here from a legal perspective).  If you are a homeowner or are looking to become one in the Ottawa market you should read Kiss and Sell.

To read about Peggy visit or find her on Facebook and Twitter

Lake Ridge Virginia Real Estate News

Peggy James and her twin sister Patty have been selling real estate for over 20 years and the service the areas between Mount Vernon Fort Belvoir Virginia area down to the Quantico Marine Base.  The reason I like Peggy’s blog is this is another example of just a great local realtor blog.  Lots of local market info, with a little bit of home buyer/seller tips and lots of home showcases.  If you are located between the Mount Vernon Fort Belvoir area and the Quantico Marine Base this is a good blog to read.

To keep up with Peggy visit or find her on Facebook and Twitter.

The Jim Dolanch Real Estate Team

Jim Dolanch is a 3rd generation realtor and services the Pittsburgh, PA real estate market. With a lifetime of experience Jim has some great insights and really puts out some great articles. The reason Jim’s blog is great is he doesn’t just showcase his listings, in fact you rarely see them on there, what he does post a lot of are Pittsburgh housing market updates, lots of buyer and seller tips as well as lots of good local info on events and news.  If you are in the Pittsburgh area this is a great blog for you.

You can find Jim at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Kauai Dream Realty

Julie Black has been a selling real estate on Kauai for over 3 decades and was voted the Best realtor on the island in 2011. What I like about Julie’s blog is she really shares a lot of her market and area knowledge in her posts.  Julie often blogs about any foreclosures or bank owned properties on the island in addition to lots of housing market reports and of course some posts just about Kauai and how special the island is to her.  If you are looking to buy or sell real estate on Kauai this is a blog for you.

You can find Julie at or on Facebook.

Talk to CJ

CJ Brasiel is the Broker/Owner of Veridian Realty Group and services the area of Saratoga, Los Gatos and Willow Glen to Blossom and Almaden Valleys and south to Morgan Hill.  Two of the main of the reasons that I read CJ’s blog is that is has a lot of statewide and national economic housing data and she isn’t afraid to send her readers to other sites to get the best info.  Many times Realtors will try to sum up another article to keep you on their site, but CJ sends you right to the source and I like that.  If you are in the Los Gatos to Blossom and surrounding areas you should definitely read CJ’s blog.

For more information you can follow CJ at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Merrimack Valley Real Estate

Kevin Vitali has been an agent with EXIT realty since 2002 and has closed hundreds of transactions in that time.  Kevin services the Essex and Northern Middlsex Counties in Massachusetts.  Kevin does a great job at showcasing a fair amount of homes mixed in with good buyer and seller tips, as well as financing challenges and real estate trends and questions for the industry as a whole.  With posts about selling your home with solar panels to how to win a bidding war this is a great blog to read if you are in the Essex and Northern Middlsex Counties in Massachusetts.

For more information visit or on Facebook and Twitter.

Nesting Nashville

Stephanie Crawford writes the Nesting Nashville blog while she and her husband James service clients in the greater Nashville area.  The reason I like Stephanie’s blog is she does a great job of covering local market data, showcasing homes (closings, listings, and others) as well as delivering a lot of great buyer and seller tips like “5 tips on correctly pricing a home” or “why using a local broker site is better then using a portal”.  All in all its a very well rounded blog.  If you are in the Nashville Market this blog is definitely worth reading.

For more information you can visit or find Nesting Nashville on Facebook and Twitter.

Sandra Nickel and the Hat Team

Sandra Nickel and her team area service the Montgomery Alabama market.  Sandra has over 30 years of experience and brings a wealth of knowledge that is reflected in her posts.  One reason I like Sandra’s blog is she showcases a lot of investment properties in her market.  Its always good to see what the rental market is for your properties.  In addition Sandra and her team give lots of practical tips for buyers and sellers such as “How to raise your Credit Score” or “New Kitchen Trends” and of course lots of local market data.  If you are in Montgomery Alabama this is a blog for you.

You can find Sandra and her team at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Extra! Extra! Homes 

Jennifer Pollock is a Realtor in Denver Colorado and currently ranks in the top 1% of all Keller Williams agents (approximately 80,000 agents) so she has a proven track record.  The reason I like Jennifer’s blog is the focal point of her blog is really local homes.  Most of her blog showcases actual homes in the area with really full descriptions that you can’t find anywhere else online.  Additionally on Jennifer’s blog you will find the occasionally buyer and seller tip.  If you are in the Denver area this is a blog that you want to read.

You can find Jennifer at or on Facebook and Twitter.     

Carrie Nenonen

Carrie has been a realtor with Coldwell Banker Gundaker since 2001 and services the St. Louis area. What I like about Carrie’s blog is she showcases her personality as much as real estate. Carrie is great at posting current content with all events and happenings in the St. Louis area while also showcasing different areas and homes, as well as homebuyer and seller tips.  This is a great blog to read if you are in the St. Louis area.

For more information visit Carrie at or on Facebook at Twitter.

Secure Real Estate | Phoenix

Charlie Allred is the broker/owner of Secure Real Estate and covers the east valley of Phoenix. What I really like about Charlie’s blog is that she is one of those social media guru’s out there that makes every post more interesting and very “shareable”. She posts on topics about local activities, new communities, the home buying process, plus lots of listing data just to name a few. If you are in the Phoenix area this is a blog that you want to read.

You can find Charlie at or on Facebook and Twitter.

New Orleans Property Lady

Miriam Bernstein has been a broker for over 25 years in New York and for the last 6 years in New Orleans Louisiana.  Over that time Miriam has amassed quite a bit of knowledge and experience and her blog shows it.  Miriam covers a a good amount of real estate market data as well as lots of helpful information for buyers, sellers and homeowners in general.  If you are looking for a very experienced agent who covers a lot of topics, and you live in the greater New Orleans area Miriam’s is a great blog for you.

You can find Miriam at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Monika Furtado

Monika Furtado works the Northwest and Southwest Calgary market and has been doing so for quite some time.  The reason I like Monika’s blog is she showcases a pretty good amount of homes but she also has some good market data that she regularly publishes in addition to the local MLS updates and and such.  The big takeaway from this blog is in her updates Monika really tries to explain how the different markets effect both buyers and sellers.  This is really a great blog if you live in the Calgary area.

To follow Monika visit or find her on Facebook and Twitter.

The Oatley Team

Laura Oatley has had a very successful career in real estate since 2003 and in 2009 Laura and her brother Matthew opened the Oatley Team in Louisville Kentucky.  The reason I like the Oatley Team blog is that Laura puts out a lot of good information about statewide and national real estate trends combined with lots of great buyer and seller tips and of course local events and happenings.  If you are in the greater Louisville area this is a great blog to follow.

You kind find Laura and The Oatley Team at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Everyday Houston Homes

Greg Nino is a native Texan and has been selling homes in Houston for over a decade.  what I like about Greg’s blog is Houston is a big market and Greg really tries to spend time breaking down the different communities in the area while also covering current issues like landlord rights when it comes to tenants with weapons and negotiating as a buyer in a sellers market.  In addition Greg covers market data pretty regularly as well as buyer and seller tips.  If you are in the Houston Texas area this is a good blog to read.

You can follow Greg at or on Facebook and Twitter.

White Oaks Blog 

Chuck Gillooley is a realtor specializing in the San Carlos, California real estate market.  Chuck’s blog is great, and it is what a local realtor with a small area focus should look like.  The bulk of Chuck’s posts are very easy to read weekly market updates.  Check gets a lot of data into a small table and compares it to the prior week so emerging trends are easy to identify. In addition Chuck puts out articles on local community news that residents and buyers could use.  This is an absolute must read if you are in the San Carlos, California real estate market.

To read Chuck’s blog visit or find him on Facebook and Twitter

Franklin Jones

Franklin Jones has been blogging for almost a decade about Columbia South Carolina real estate.  Franklin covers everything from local homes and lots available to posts about local community members and issues.  What I like about Franklin’s blog is not only is there a lot of good local info for buyers and sellers alike but it is very personal and fun to read.  If you live in the greater Columbia, SC area this is a great blog for you.

You can find Franklin at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Li Read Group

Li Read has been selling homes for over 25 years representing buyers and sellers in the Salt Spring Island market of British Columbia.  The reason I enjoy Li’s blog is first of all Salt Spring Island is stunning and the photos she posts are just beautiful, but more importantly she puts out a monthly market update that that really incorporates a very macroeconomic look at a smaller market and you can tell Li has a deep understanding of economics which I enjoy.  If you are in the Salt Spring Island market this is a must read for you.

You can find Li at or on Facebook and Twitter

City Lakes Real Estate Blog

Ross Kaplan is a realtor in Minneapolis and has been representing buyers and sellers in the area for over a decade.  What I really appreciate is Ross was an attorney and CPA prior to moving into real estate so he has great understanding of the risks and financial pieces of the transaction.   Ross blogs a lot and covers a variety of issues of important issues that face buyers and sellers but it is written clearly and in easily digestible pieces.  In addition you can get plenty of good local economic data and how it is effecting the housing market.  If you live in the twin cities Ross’s blog is a must follow.

You can find Ross at or on Facebook and Twitter

Judy Graff

Judy Graff has been a realtor for almost 20 years and over that time has seen almost everything Los Angeles real estate has to offer.  Judy covers the  areas of Burbank, Studio City, Toluca Lake, Sherman Oaks, Hollywood Hills, Valley Village, North Hollywood and the surrounding areas. The reason I like Judy’s blog is she showcases homes, gives local and national economic housing news and gives great buyer and seller tips all while keeping her posts fun to read.  If you are in the San Fernando Valley or the surrounding areas this is a great blog for you.

You can find Judy at her blog at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Zion Realty

Nicole Doty has been selling homes for almost 20 years in the area in and around Gilbert Arizona.  A few years ago Nicole and her husband Josh opened Zion Realty and their blog is a must read if you are in their market.  Not only does it have a great look and feel but they cover everything from showcasing homes to bathroom remodels and decor.  You can also find lot of market data and analysis for the Gilbert Arizona housing market and news and events for the area.  As a local homegrown small business you can see how they are very attached to their community.

To read more visit or find them on Facebook and Twitter

Deborah Ward & Associates

Deborah Ward does a ton of business in Tampa market but more specifically the Clearwater-St. Petersburg area of Florida.  The reason I really like Deborah’s blog is she doesn’t showcase a lot of homes, she showcases her market.  With lots of content rich posts about the areas she services and how the individual real estate prices relate to everything.  Deborah also puts out lots of great buyer and seller tips that are well written and actionable items.  If you are in the Tampa area this is a great blog to read.

You can find Deborah at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Rick Martin

Rick Martin bought his first rental property at 18 and hasn’t looked back.  He is an investor and as an agent and provides great insight to his clients in Burlingame, Ontario and the surrounding areas.  Ricks blog is great because rick doesn’t just put up small posts about a home for sale, he covers issues like local elections and how to stage a home in great detail.  In addition he writes articles that help other agents with their technology needs.  If you are in the greater Burlingame area, this is a blog you should definitely read.  

You can find Rick at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Think Downtown Orlando

Kathryn Stelljes is a realtor in the Orlando Florida market and between her posts and her assistants posts you get a least for great posts every week.  Kathryn usually writes the “Monday Market Report” (market data for the prior week) and the “Tuesday Tours” (showcasing local homes) while her assistant Jessica posts “Go Local Wednesday” and “Who Says There is Nothing to do in Orlando” (showing the best local places and events in Orlando).  The posts are all well written and complete.  If you are in the Orlando area this is a blog that you should be reading.

You can find Kathryn Stelljes at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Keith Marshall

Keith Marshall is not only a marketing guru, he is really an expert on real estate in the Kitchener Waterloo area of Ontario. On Keith’s blog you will find he is very knowledgable about his market and gives lots of insights complete with housing data to back up his statements. Also, he really gives you a full picture of the Kitchener Waterloo area through articles about community events, issues, and of course real estate. One last mention, lots of great buyer and seller tips here.  If you are in the Kitchener Waterloo area this is a blog you really should be reading.

You can find out more about Keith at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Ashley Brinkman

Ashley Brinkman is a lover of all things Austin, Tx and she showcases a lot of that on her blog. What I like about Ashley’s blog is not only does she put out great real estate content for all residents in the greater Austin area but she puts her personality into all her posts. For example she recently did a post on Air BnB where she interviewed herself about what her experience was and really walked a potential homeowner or renter through what the experience would be in a really fun way.  Also, recently Ashley was featured on House Hunters so she has a number of fun posts about that too. 

You can find Ashley at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Fine Marin Real Estate

Anastasia Sheldon has been a life long resident of Marin County in California and has been blogging about real estate in the area for over 7 years.  The reason I like Anastasia’s blog is not only does she showcase local properties but she really keeps her readers up to date with local events and of course real estate market data.  Of note when it comes to housing market data Anastasia does a great job of looking at a lot of the macro and micro economic factors effecting the market.  All in all a great blog to read for homeowners and buyers alike in Marin County.

You can find Anastasia at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Brandy Unruh

Brandy Unruh has lived in the Boulder Colorado area since 2007 and bas been blogging about local real estate for quite a while.  One of the reasons I like Brandy’s blog is she highlights local communities complete with real estate data, fun activities, local landmarks and more.  Pretty much all the things you would be looking for from a local expert.  In addition you can find real estate housing data and of course some local homes showcased.  If you are in the Boulder Colorado real estate market this is a good blog for you.

You can find Brandy at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Julia Shea

Julia Shea has sold over $100 million dollars worth of real estate and services the Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth and Suffolk areas of Virginia.  What I really like about Julia’s blog is no only does she cover the local information and showcase local homes as any local realtor should, but she covers large complex economic housing data and how the broader markets (and interest) rates will effect everything.  It really speaks volumes to Julia’s understanding of real estate.  If you are in the greater Norfolk area this blog is a must read.

You can find Julia at or on Facebook and Twitter.

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