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Should you get a home inspection when you are buying a home? The answer is a resounding YES! When buying a home you never know what is going on behind the walls, in the attic, condition of plumbing, electrical systems, etc. You should always have a home inspection performed by a licensed individual. I thought a fun way to illustrate this would be to show you some photos from actual inspections to show you some of the things that have been found. Most times you will not find issues like this but they sure are funny to look at!

Newport Beach Home Inspections

Looks like they ran out of 2×4’s. Good thing somebody was drinking!

Newport Beach Home Inspections

It would almost be funny if it was from the same house as the picture above.

Newport Beach Home Inspections

Apparently someone hasn’t really quit smoking and felt that the electrical panel would be a good place to put out lit cigarettes.

Newport Beach Home Inspections

Is that a spork, or a fork, I can’t tell. Either way it definitely belongs there!

Newport Beach Home Inspections

You should always have all the fuses labeled.

Newport Beach Home Inspections

“Honey, while you are in the shower can you check the main electrical panel?”

Newport Beach Home Inspections

1001 uses for duct tape. Would you trust it to hold up your roof?

Newport Beach Home Inspections

Those would be wasp nests. Hope you don’t need to get to the electrical panel in the dark!

While most of these are funny, they would be awful if it was your home. Make sure to always get an inspection. If you need a referral for a couple of great local inspection companies please contact one of our Newport Beach realtors today!

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