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Mortgage Fee Coach

"There are no shortage of mortgage brokers and or lenders all promising the best rate and program. Over the years there have been a handful of lenders that I would recommend to my clients but there are a lot more that I wouldn’t. A few years ago, I did a post about the best mortgage lenders in Orange County and that’s still a good list. Recently, I came across someone who offers a different type of service and I thought it would be a good idea to let our readers know of a new type of service in the marketplace.

Meet Dan Stone, the mortgage fee coach! He is neither a lender or broker but has over 30 years in the mortgage industry. He spent most of his career in the secondary market (basically working with banks and wall street bundling and selling

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 Down Payment

There are many different loan programs out there and many offer less then 20% down. This can very on the type of property, your credit, income, occupancy, etc. Sit down with Beny Rabuchin, mortgage consultant with New American Funding and listen to a high level overview of what you will need to put down on your home purchase.


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When you are buying a home and you are using financing most times a home appraisal is required. This is a cost you should expect to pay before closing. Sit down with Beny Rabuchin of Loan Sweet Home a long time mortgage consultant with New American Funding and find out what to expect. 

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