September 2018

Found 4 blog entries for September 2018.

Chapter 1: Build Your Credit From 0 To 700+

Chapter 2: How To Budget Like a Boss 

Chapter 3: Save Up For a Down Payment

Chapter 4: Loan Shopping Tips To Get You Prequalified

Chapter 5: Winning Strategies To Finding A Great Real Estate Agent

Chapter 6: What To Look For When Finding A House

Chapter 7: A House Divided: Choosing Between Condos or Detached Homes

Chapter 8: How to Successfully Close Escrow

You may have heard that the path to building wealth is paved with real estate investments. Housing trends nod in agreement. Home values in the U.S. have nearly tripled since 1991 as measured by the House Price Index. If you’re ready to stop paying your landlord’s mortgage and start building your own equity, then everything you

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